Home improvement, take 2

I’ve been in my new place a couple of months now, and the walls are still ugly and bare. My art and mirrors and the like are still languishing in a closet because I don’t want to hang them until I’ve painted. And I haven’t painted a damn thing, for I’m crippled with indecision. So, I’m asking you guys again for your input. I figured it might be easier with some photos that include my belongings. So, here goes (click on the photos to enlarge them).

The entrance to casa de Grammarian:

Now that I have a real and most delightful stereo (thank you again, generous one), I intend to get an entertainment center of some sort, but you get the idea:

View from upstairs:

Where I release aggression:

Sofa and fireplace:

The stairs:

The bedroom (you may have noticed I like gray and black):

View of the shower from the bedroom (bow-chicka-wow):

The creepy carpeted and many-mirrored bathroom:

Downstairs bathroom with hideous wallpaper:

And last, the kitchen of blue despair:

So, what do you think? Gray walls throughout? Something more colorful? I’m seriously at a loss when it comes to stuff like this, so please, please help me.



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18 responses to “Home improvement, take 2

  1. Hey Samantha, ooh – those walls need paint, i agree. and your bed is far too small; what is that, a double? love the hardwood floors and the cat, too. you need some reds, that’s what i think. yep, red. sexy, sophisticated, and will look good with your gray and black thing you got going.

  2. The placement of the cat is all off.

  3. Mmmmm. I do love red. That’s a great suggestion. Red in the bedroom or elsewhere? Blue-red? Orange-red?And yes, it is a rather small bed. It’s got at least three more years left in it, though, so I’m stuck with it for a while. When I find my giant bag of money I’m going to get a bed so big it’ll need its own ZIP code, and maybe it’ll have one of those nifty Tempurpedic mattresses. Have you ever lain on one of those? Pure heaven.

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  5. looks like my place! I have been there for months, and I just put up my first picture onthe wall! I still haven’t unpacked completely, either!

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  7. Hmm… I’d swear I left a comment earlier, but for some reason it didn’t register (maybe it’s this new comment set up).Anyway, what I said was that I’d vote for a big rug in the living room, preferably with a little color, to warm the place up and separate your living spaces.

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  9. Well, well, well. What have we here? Is it … spam? Why yes, I think it is. We all know what *that* means, don’t we, readers? Mwahahaha.

  10. Erin, a big rug is an excellent idea! Maybe one of those natural-fiber thingies?

  11. Incidentally, my “feedback has been sent.” Heh, heh.

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  14. And yes, natural fiber would be lovely. Remember the ones at our house? They’re both jute, which is one of the smoothest natural fibers, so it feels nice underfoot. I got one at Target on sale (from the Global Home collection) and the other at Home Depot. Both were really affordable for how large they are.

  15. Darling, you redefine the term “spartan.” Our *bathroom* has more furniture! However, I think The Apartment I’ve Never Been Invited To is lovely. But yes, color would be good. I’d go with a muted shade of a bright color — a pale green or yellow or whatever color strikes your lovely fancy.

  16. Keep in mind that yellow-based colors aren’t exactly restful. They have a subtle way of inducing head- and stomach-aches.It’s also interesting that yellowish reds were, in the mid-1990s, marketed toward men, while companies tried to steer women closer to the bluish reds. (Of course, the only example I can come up with is the Ford Motor Company. Mustangs came in an orangish color the designers referred to as “Arrest Me Red,” and the Probe (which, I might (parenthetically (and in the passive voice)) add, was bought more often by women) came in a blue-red.In short, Mustangs hurt.

  17. You might try pulling colors from some of your wall art, particularly if there’s a painting that you especially love. Sometimes this can help you get a color scheme in mind.

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