Friday, I’m in love

I just got back from watching — you guessed it — Battlestar Galactica. Some highlights from tonight’s viewing:

  • Laura Roslin saying, “Put that thing in the airlock.” So delightfully ruthless.
  • Laura Roslin grudgingly calling Sharon a “young woman” when she realized she could use her for information.
  • Dee talking Adama into reuniting his “family,” the fleet. Go Dee! (I must say, though, that she’s on my list of possible Cylon models yet to be revealed as such.)
  • Captain Adama’s replacement screwing things up in such spectacular fashion. Take that, pretty boy!
  • Captain Adama’s kiss with Starbuck. Even though I think Starbuck can do much better than him, it’s nice to see a female character who can get frisky without letting romance interfere with her job.
  • Captain Adama’s peculiar sniffing of the pyramid ball. What the hell is that all about?

So, will Sharon indeed shoot Adama again as the preview for next week’s episode suggests? I’m thinking not. It may be a case of false advertising and she will instead shoot Zarek or his creepy sidekick. She’s already done so much to help the humans, why would she change her tune now (unless the Cylons needed the humans to complete the arrow-tomb transaction to find Earth for their own nefarious purposes, of course)? Another possibility is that Adama is a mean Cylon. I’d hate this to be the case, but the idea has cropped up in a previous episode. After all, the post-surgery Adama can crush walnuts with his bare hands. Have you ever tried to crush walnuts with your bare hands? I have not, but I have tried to crush pecans with my bare hands, with disappointing and painful results.

Also, is Baltar a Cylon, or is he just nuts? I found it interesting that Six referred to him as more than a mere human. Perhaps he’s a Cylon and doesn’t know it? Is that even possible?

I’m also intrigued by Sharon’s assertion that she isn’t “wired in” to the other Cylons. Is she lying, or is she a flawed and/or renegade Cylon? What implications could this have for future episodes? Hmm.

Seriously, folks, if you aren’t watching this show yet, you’d better start. Because I said so.



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6 responses to “Friday, I’m in love

  1. Ted

    Samantha,I saw your blog through Angie Wu’s site. You’re a good writer. Good luck with the blog.Reese Dunklin

  2. Though new to the show and still a little confused, I’m loving it. I watched the previews for next week repeatedly — they have to be misleading. In any case, I love how the series makes viewers so paranoid about all the characters.And, good call on the walnut crushing. My hands hurt just watching it.

  3. Thank you, Reese. Same to you! Love your summary of the Collin County family’s plight, by the way. I cringed my way through most of that series. Imagine the shame, nay, the horror of driving a Volvo.

  4. Ted

    I’ve decided to apply for food stamps, cause I’m so clearly near the poverty line. Pray for me.

  5. Why won’t you come Sci Fi Friday with me?? 😦

  6. That would be fun! I’d have to ask my brother first, of course, before altering our Friday ritual.

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