You don’t see that every day

While driving home from work tonight, I saw something rather peculiar: a woman riding a horse through downtown. At 12:30 a.m.! What the hell? She was wearing uncomfortably short black shorts, a black tank top, black socks and shoes and a black scrunchy. And she had a passenger: a sickly looking little girl who can’t have been older than 12.

I repeat: What the hell?



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3 responses to “You don’t see that every day

  1. Those shorts may have looked uncomfortable, but they actually felt quite nice in the saddle.

  2. At least you’re in Texas.. I remember seeing an African-American guy on horseback at 22nd and Chestnut in Philly. I had just come out of the gym around 11pm; it was dark and totally surreal.

  3. Maybe it was one of the horses normally on West End carriage duty, and the carriage broke or something. I met one of those drivers at the West End Pub many years ago, and she said they had a stable somewhere around downtown, it being rather impractical to cart them in by trailer every weekend.

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