Moving on

I would like to thank “Craig” for making the publishing of this post possible. If you’re out there, “Craig,” please know that while some people might call my use of your ISP stealing, I prefer to consider it making good use of your leftovers.

Well, readers, I’m more or less settled into my new place, and I’m happy to report that it rocks about as much as I thought it would. Yes, the walls hurt my eyes a little if I stare at them too long, and yes, the downstairs toilet does tilt a bit too much for comfort. Also, it must be noted that the wall outlet in the upstairs bathroom doesn’t work. I must instead plug my hairdryer into The Extension Cord of Doom that dangles from the right-most lightbulb near the sink (and, I might add, perilously close to the shower). And I appear to have tiny spiders in the bedroom. All in all, though, I’m extremely pleased.

I suspect that whoever remodeled this place several years ago might have been a kinky sex fiend. I believe I mentioned once before that the shower has a window in it. I did not know at the time that said shower can be clearly viewed from the bedroom. Bow-chicka-wow, indeed. Did I also mention that all of the bathroom walls (save the wall containing the sexy shower window) in the bathroom are covered in mirrors? It’s true. The closet doors are floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The whole bathroom is so damned bizarre. And I love it.

So, Simon and I are getting comfy in our new home. He spent the first couple of days under the bed. From time to time he’d creep from his lurking place and warily sniff at stuff. He appears to be feeling more at ease now, however. He hopped up on the bed and cuddled with me the other night, in fact, and he’s resumed his nightly, strange-as-hell moonwalking on my legs. I guess he just needed a few well-positioned vomiting episodes to christen his new home. Poor little guy. He can’t help it.

I more or less promise to post more once the good people at SBC have hooked up the DSL (it only costs $14.95 a month! Can you believe it?). It also will be nice to have a place to sit while I’m typing. For now I’m standing at the breakfast bar increasing my risk of spider veins.

Again, thank you “Craig.” Couldn’t have done it without you.



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3 responses to “Moving on

  1. “Spiders is good. They eats the mosquitos.” Calculus Entropy

  2. Do they also eat ants? That would be helpful.

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