Home improvement

OK, you guys. I’ve secured my new apartment, and it rocks. The paint in it, however, does not rock. I know that several of you have the artistic eye I so sorely lack, so I’m entreating you to help guide me toward some pleasing wall colors.

Blue walls, frowning on me


I’m not a Country Kitchen kind of gal, but those countertops are pretty sweet. Any ideas to help play up that sweetness and downplay the extreme brownness of the cabinets would be most appreciated.

Living room

Dining and/or music room

Most of my living room furniture is black or very dark wood. I’ve always preferred a clean, modern, austere look, but I’m open to suggestions.

The bedroom

This place is an open loft, so a few of the walls stretch from the ground on the first floor all the way to the ceiling of the second floor. Right now the whole place (other than the disturbingly blue kitchen) is painted a peachy beige. I’m not really fond of peachy beige, even in small doses. Is it best to stick with one color throughout?

We at Rock and Roll Grammarian thank you for considering this, and if you help us, we will be forever in your debt, and we may buy you a beer for the effort.



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8 responses to “Home improvement

  1. I’m not sure you can do this at your apartment, but I would take off the cabinet doors (just the top ones). Trading Spaces does it all the time. They arrange the plates, glasses, cups, and nice serving dishes in an attractive way, and it usually makes the kitchen look larger.

  2. The browness of the cabinates may only be due to a particular stain. There may or may not be the possibility to sand off the stain without loosing the detail. A more natural wood may contrast nicely with the dark counters.

  3. And I’d definitely use a warm-toned color on the walls in the kitchen to go with the cabinets and the tile, both. We have dark gray countertops and wood cabinets (though a little darker than yours) and just painted our kitchen a warm avocado green (official color is “sage green”). It looks lovely. If I could find the cable which connects my camera to my computer, I’d send you pictures.

  4. Your new place looks ginormous! Congrats.I would say go with what makes you happy — you can always paint over it later. (It’s not nearly as hard as you might think, tho not as efficient once all your stuff is in place.)

  5. Alas, paint isn’t cheap and it can be a lot of trouble to have to paint over something. Definitely take paint chips home from Lowe’s or Home Depot and look at them under the fluorescents, during the day, at night, in shade, etc. Colors look totally different when you get them home and on the walls.

  6. The place is gorgeous! I would offer decorating assistance, but it’s not my strong suit. :-\ But I concur that the blue might look better if it weren’t blue. 🙂 A warm golden-y olive green? Maybe? Not that I have half a clue what I’m talking about. Isn’t there some program in paint places where you bring a photo and they can change the wall colours? I think I have seen one. Ohhh…waitasecond…Here: http://architecture.about.com/cs/paint/tp/paintsoftware.htm:-D

  7. Thanks, guys! I’m so excited about this place I could *almost* wet myself.

  8. Having been there now, I can say that the place, does, indeed, rock.You need to invite select friends and family over. When we/they arrive, be casually painting the place. Make it look like it’s fun, and that we/they don’t know what we/they’re missing. Then let us/them do all the work. It’ll be just like the classic novel “Tom Jones.”

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