Toe to toe

Well, readers, Erin astounds us once again with her uncanny psychic abilities. Yes, my toes were green:

Green toes

Upon viewing my feet in broad daylight, I decided this particular shade of green, while quite smashing in the bottle, is decidedly unlovely with my skin tone. So, I’ve since changed the color. Ancodia (who guessed correctly but changed her answer), inspired the following:

Twinkle toes

Thank you all for playing.



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6 responses to “Toe to toe

  1. I don’t get any credit for my little hint?

  2. You get credit. Well done.

  3. Man, oh, man… I talk myself out of a correct answer yet again! 🙂 I like both colours, actually! Hmmm…now I realise that I need to do mine…

  4. We must compare techniques sometime.

  5. Thanks for the hint, David! I was waiting to make sure I’d won before I offered my thanks. 🙂

  6. You’re welcome, Erin.

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