To dream the impossible dream

The other night I had a strange and visually spectacular dream that Elizabeth Taylor morphed into a chandelier in my bedroom. For the life of me I cannot figure out what prompted this peculiar vision, nor can I decipher what, if anything, it means. Anyone care to offer an opinion?

Also, I’m curious to know what kinds of wacky dreams your minds have cooked up lately and what you’ve made of them.



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3 responses to “To dream the impossible dream

  1. You may need to rent every single one of Elizabeth Taylor’s movies and watch them for clues. As for recent celebrity dreams, the night before last, after watching The Phantom of the Opera with my folks, I dreamt that I was sitting in the front row of an auditorium next to Cate Blanchett waiting for some sort of a conference to start. We were old pals and were discussing how awful the Phantom’s voice was. I was telling her that he must have known one of the producers or something to have landed the part. She thought he wasn’t really *that* bad. I thought he was pitiful.Nothing too wacky about that. Especially if you’ve seen the movie.

  2. I suspect the source is that absurd “Diamonds” commercial that’s been running since you were about 12.I’ve had two weird dreams lately. In one, I had somehow started cuddling with a grizzly bear in my sleep. My dream-self was half-awake and half-aware of my ursine friend. I kept cooing “GOOOOOD BEEEEAR.” Then I “awoke” with my hand firmly clasped in Mr. Bear’s jaws.Then last night I dreamt that I got you to eat Robertson’s Beef Jerky. How sad is it that I had a dream specifically about that.

  3. I haven’t seen that movie, Erin. Is it OK if I just take your word for it?And Brian: I nearly choked on an ice cube when I read about the bear dream.

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