It’s not all bad

Thanks in part to a friend (and to moderate indulgence of my tried-and-true vices) I’m feeling much calmer now and can relate the following good things about today:

A) Tuesday is the day I attend biology lab, which for various reasons both personal and otherwise is a bright spot in my week. Today we got to play CSI and work with DNA samples, AND we got to use a pipettor:


The pipettor and I were at odds at the first of the semester, but I’m happy to report we’re friends now. Also, we got to accuse our professor of murder, which is always fun.

B) The weather was utterly gorgeous today, so after purchasing my customary Javalanche at the library, I marched over to one of my favorite benches to study. About five pages into a chapter I caught something shiny from the corner of my eye. Rising from the ground were these little sparkly things. Hundreds of them. I moved closer to investigate and found an enormous swarm of ants. Those with wings were lifting off and going wherever winged ants go. My God, there were so many of them! I sat back down and about a minute later looked over there again. The ant shower (or backwards shower?) had ceased, but it sure was beautiful while it lasted.

C) Psych! There is no C. A and B (but mostly A, for the aforementioned personal reasons) are enough to balance out the not-so-sunny parts of the day.



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2 responses to “It’s not all bad

  1. If you’re insufficiently cheered up, this project from one of my students might help. They’re supposed to make children’s storybooks in Flash. I laughed a few times.

  2. That pipettor kinda looks like a soap dispenser top. …just thought I’d share. 😀

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