Online Balderdash

My favorite word of the week so far: rubisco. Isn’t that fun to say? Want to take a stab at what it means (without looking it up)?



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13 responses to “Online Balderdash

  1. I would kiddingly guess it’s an abbreviation for “Russian Biscuit Company” (in the spirit of Nabisco), and I’m tempted to label it a stylistic adjective like rococo, but other than that I’ve no clue./looks it up

  2. Naughty, naughty Seth. You’ve just spoiled it for the rest of the class!

  3. Hehe, fine, fine. I shall delete the solution.

  4. i’m going with a rash. yep, a rash. dermatologists have thousands of words for rash. i think it’s to convince patients that dermatologists are in fact competent. b/c everyone knows dermatology is a fluff job. it’s all about cortisone & aloe & sending samples to the lab for the other doctors to diagnose. that’s why they’re the only doctors going home at 5pm every day. come on, do u really need to go to medical school for that?

  5. Hillary? Hillary P.? Is that you?

  6. yep, it’s me. i found erin’s website on the internet & there was a link to your blog. 🙂 the blogsite made me open my own blog before i could write u, so i guess i’m a blogger now, too. 😮 scary.

  7. Does it mean a state of blushing? Does it mean bloodshot eyes?

  8. No … and no. Keep guessing!

  9. my husband, David, a Balderdash fanatic, posited the following: geometrically ornate, particularly in an equilataral or rhombus-like fashion

  10. Nope, but I do enjoy that definition.

  11. my new favorite is:dysdiadochokinesia

  12. It’s gotta be something red and it seems medical. Gin blossoms?On the other hand, it sounds vaguely Italian and first-person. “I solve Russian puzzles?” “I forget?”Also vaguely crepuscular. Sunset? Dawn? Red skies at night?

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