My kingdom for Bob Vila

Do we have any handymen or handywomen in the house? Anyone skilled with rubber? If so, please contact me. I have an idea.



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7 responses to “My kingdom for Bob Vila

  1. skilled with rubber?

  2. Rubber? I hardly know ‘er!But seriously, folks, I meant “skilled in making things with rubber.”

  3. I think that playing with rubber requires a lot of expensive equipment. Though a soldering iron, no sense of smell, and a bit of a twitch may work just fine.

  4. Looks to me like that’s a tacit offer from Jon. So, what’s the idea?

  5. Erin, (by the way–hello to you) I can only give advice. I had to throw out all of my rubber and plastic altering tools in 1999 for reasons that I do not wish to discuss. I am permitted to admire open flame from a safe distance. But if I get too close my shock collar gives me a quick jolt.This has, obviously, stripped a portion of masculinity from me. I can’t sit around the campfire. I can’t use an outdoor grill. We have capped the gas fireplace in our home. Need I go on? How humiliating.

  6. Jon, is that a tacit offer?Erin, I will tell you my idea the next time we talk. The rest of you (except for you, Jon, if that was a tacit offer), won’t know the details until I’ve secured the rights to the idea.

  7. Hi Jon! I’ll burn a candle for you tonight.

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